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The first works of Blanco were characterized by focusing on the female figure. If his style had to be labeled, it would be within neo-figuration, influenced by artists such as Condo who worked with figuration at the time of the absolute dominance of Abstract Expressionism. Also it could be seen in his painting the great influence of Picasso, and artists such as Picabia, Richter, Bacon or Saura. He has also carried out projects, which continue to this day, in which he mixes music and painting, in which the artist himself interprets works by Debussy on the piano. Condo's work, “Rush hour”, was undoubtedly a great inspiration for Carlos Blanco, a work that he was able to see at the MET in New York, where he understood that figuration and abstraction, painting and drawing could be united within a single painting. This reaction to Condo's work would be fundamental in the gestation of his “Afterhours” series, where the artist talks about his experience in the night world of cities like Madrid, London or Berlin. Picabia's work, and specifically the work “I see again in Memory my dear Udnie”, which he saw at the MoMA in New York in 2014, was also decisive, with respect to his influence, on paintings such as “Violinist”,  “New York ” or recently in his work “Fiesta”.


Carlos Blanco Artero (Madrid, 1983) has exhibited at museums, galleries and institutions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Paris, Philippines, Zaragoza, Barcelona or Madrid, and his works are in important collections such as the American musician Allen Stone, the philosopher Fernando Savater, Chiu Chien Chang Collection in Taiwan or billionaire Richard Magides who has several of his works in his collections in Singapore and New Zealand. His works are also in public and private collections in New York, Japan, Mexico, Los Angeles, Miami, Austria, Madrid, Bilbao, Mallorca, Santander, Australia, Libya, New Zealand, Illinois, Colonia, Malta, Taiwan, Wisconsin, Milan, Monaco, Paris and London. He is currently based in the Canary Islands.

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